New Water Bottling Charge

New Water Bottling Charge

Continuing with concerns about the removal of water for the bottling industry, Ontario Council sent comments to EBR Registry Number: 012-9574 A regulation establishing a new water bottling charge.

The Ontario Council of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW Ontario Council) is pleased to respond to EBR 012-9574 – a Regulation establishing a new water bottling charge. CFUW Ontario Council strongly supports Ontario’s plan to raise the extraction fee for water bottling to $503.51 per million litres.

The extraction of groundwater for the bottled water industry is taken from one watershed and instead of being returned to the same watershed after use, is usually transported elsewhere out of the original watershed for provincial, federal or even international distribution. Thus it actually enables a de-facto Intra-Basin Transfer of water. READ MORE

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