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Long Term Care

2020 Budget Brief

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2020 Letters and Briefs

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Letter-Writing Campaign for Clubs

Letter writing is a forceful form of advocacy. Those written in your own words are powerful and effective. For politicians, they are a guide to local public opinion, and for advocates, they are a simple way to start that conversation, to tell their story, to seek answers. Letters can be that first step in advocacy action

A recent survey of Ontario Council clubs concerning public policy issues identified the following top five:

1.   Health: Long Term care, Public Health cuts, Home Care

2.   Climate Change

3.   Poverty and Affordable Housing

4.   Education and schools: Increased class size, Funding, Mental Health support

5.   Women’s Rights: Pay Equity, Child Care.

Ontario Council has created a letter-writing package for clubs to use: Backgrounders with talking points and CFUW policy on many of the top five issues; hints about effective letter-writing; Letter-Writing-a Lost Art created by Cheryl Ambrose; CFUW Advocacy Guidelines


Health: Home Care in Ontario

Health: Long Term Care in Ontario

Health: Ontario Health Teams

Climate Change

Climate Change: Carbon Pricing: CFUW Oakville

Clean Your Plate: CFUW Oakville

Poverty and Affordable Housing


Women’s Rights: Early Learning and Child Care

Gender-based Violence: Human Trafficking

Gender-based Violence: Sexual Assault Centres Funding 

Advocacy Tools:

CFUW Advocacy Guidelines – who connects to who, and how.

Writing Powerful Letters, a guide

Letter Writing: A Lost Art, 2019

What are the Issues?