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2017 Post-Budget Summary

Reading through a Budget can certainly be ‘taxing’, and quite honestly, some things will be missing from the summaries below. The first chart will still give you an idea of what CFUW Ontario Council prioritized in our last Pre-Budget Consultation paper, and what happened to those requests. The second chart lists other areas of interest […]

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2017 Pre-Budget Submission

Ontario Council’s Pre-Budget submission to the Ontario Legislature’s Standing Committee on Finance and Economic, including topics: Implementation of action plans for the many upcoming reports from current consultations and committees Social Infrastructure Education and the Achieving Excellence Initiative Early Learning and Child Care with the Early Years consultation Gender Wage Gap Poverty Environment, especially water-taking […]

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Pre-Budget Archives

Archives Pre-Budget Submissions from 2016 and earlier have been archived in DropBox. Clicking on the link will open a new tab to the Pre-Budget Briefs Folder, where all briefs can be viewed or downloaded. Archived Briefs

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