Publication Schedule & Instruction to Authors

The purposes of Ontario Council News are:

  • to share information from other clubs in advance of events and community activities, so that members from other clubs can join in
  • to offer inspiration to clubs who may be looking for ideas to make a difference in their communities or to build membership. 

Publication Schedule (subject to revision)

Aug 30/21Sept 15/21Pre-meeting NewsOct 2/21
Sept 22/21 Registration reminder Oct 2/21
Oct 25/21Nov 1/21Post-meeting Reports
Pre-meeting News
Oct 2/21
Nov 27/21
Nov 15/21 Registration reminder Nov 27/21
Dec 13/21Dec 20/21Post-meeting Report
Post Fall Gathering Reports
Dec 6th reports from clubs
Holiday Greetings
Nov 27/21
Jan 7/22Jan 14/22Advocacy Newsletter
Feb 4/22 Feb 11/22 Pre-meeting NewsFeb 26/22
Feb 16/22 Registration reminder Feb 26/22
Mar 18/22Mar 25/22 Post-meeting ReportsFeb 26/22
April 1/22Notice of AGM May 13 & 14/22
June 1/22   June 7/22Post AGM Newsletter May/22

Instructions for Authors

Coming Events

  • Send posters and photos (PDFs are fine but JPEGs are preferred) for special events (community events and/or fundraisers that are open to the public) organized by your club (not regular meetings or club AGMs) to the Newsletter Editor as soon as they are ready, and before the submission deadlines above.
    • International Women’s Day Events
    • Women’s March
    • Sisters in Spirit
    • December 6th
    • All fundraisers (public)
    • Writing Competitions
    • 100th Anniversary Projects
    • If in doubt, ask.
  • Your Club events will be added to the Calendar of Events with links in the Ontario Council News. With your permission we can also post to OC’s social media–Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Past Events & Club Newsletters

  • Write-ups of special club events and activities that were open to the public (not regular meetings) and club newsletters will be posted to the website under Club Actions and Events.
  • Each issue of the OC News will have its own page on the website and the newsletter will contain a link to it.
  • Following your event, please send a short description, with photos, to the Newsletter Editor.
  • Club newsletters should also be sent to the Newsletter Editor.

Please Do Not Send

We are not able to publish regular club activities of all 50 CFUW Ontario Clubs. This includes:

  • Information about club meetings, including club AGMs, regardless of your speaker or special guests, unless your meetings are open to members from other clubs.
  • Information about clubs scholarships or other regular community support.
  • Information about letters to MPs, MPPs, or municipal council.

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