Speakers Series & Standing Committees’ Workshops

2019 – 2020 Theme
“Women Helping Women”

Yorkminster Park Baptist Church
1585 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T 1Z9

November 30, 2019
10:00 AM – 3:30 pm

Register by November 20, 2019


Registration Desk is open from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
The meeting begins promptly at 10:00

Morning Plenary

Brain Health & Aging, with Dr. Andrea Wilkinson

Brain fitness is similar to physical fitness, but instead of exercising your body, you are strengthening your mind. Optimizing your mental abilities is not a new concept. However, most of the information provided in magazine and newspaper articles about brain health is vague and not personally relevant (e.g., learn a language, play an instrument, do a crossword, etc.).

Older adults need brain health advice that is meaningful to them and easy to incorporate into their everyday lives. In this talk, you will learn the fundamentals of brain plasticity (your brain’s ability to change itself). Dr. Wilkinson will also share the science behind how to optimize your brain health and cognition as you age.  She will discuss the four key pillars of brain health: physical fitness, food & nutrition, socializing, as well as mental considerations (including sleep, stress management, and mental challenges). This talk will highlight the importance of lifestyle modifications to help you optimize your brain and cognitive health.

Afternoon Workshops

  • Education: Yoga for Empowered Aging, Healthy Nutrition, Meditation for Peace of mind with Cheryl Crosby. Read more …
  • Legislation: Building on the morning session of Pathways to Aging Well, we will be exploring a growing housing model for seniors. Social Support and Housing have long been identified as two key social determinants of health read more …
  • Status of Women: Cathy Spark, President of TAN,  the provincial umbrella organization for Third Age Learning. Read more

CFUW Ontario Council Standing Committees

Ontario Council Standing Committees in Legislation, Education, and Status of Women and Human Rights were developed to keep members aware of current issues in Ontario. The Committees meet three times a year – in October, November, and March in downtown Toronto – for a day of speakers, workshops, discussion, and networking with other CFUW members and guests. All Club members are invited and are encouraged to bring friends, whether or not they are members, to enjoy these days of discussion and learning.


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