Club Resources

  • CFUW Ontario Council and your Executive, 2022-2024
    • You will find:  Background on Ontario Council; benefits of membership – insurance, financial support and grants, life-long learning and networking; information about the website and social media, advocacy work and guidelines.
  • Club Administration, 2022-2024
    • You’ll find a compilation of other booklets:
      • Executive End of Term Checklist – a list of items to review and ensure actions have been taken.
      • Executive Incoming Checklist – a list of activities to help organize your program and agenda for the upcoming term.
      • Suggestions for Running an Effective Meeting– helpful tips and suggestions for conducting a meeting effectively and efficiently
      • Clubs and Your Community – a overview of raising your profile in your community with suggested ideas (please consider virtual partnerships too!)
      • Starting and Energizing an Issues Group– suggestions for engaging members in advocacy action
      • Keeping Your Charitable Number– the telephone number and website necessary to keep your scholarship’s charitable number
  • Template for Ontario Council Club Bylaws – for a club that is not incorporated
  • CFUW National Office contact information

CFUW Ontario Council and Accessibility

CFUW Ontario Council Financial Matters

CFUW Ontario Council Bylaw Amendment Process

CFUW Ontario Council Logo

  • CFUW OC Logo (Opens a new tab to the Dropbox folder containing logos in various formats)

Ontario Council Important Dates

CFUW Ontario Council Policy and Resolutions

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