Fall Gatherings

Fall Gatherings are generally held in September or October, in each of the six Ontario Regions in alternating years. 


  1. To introduce Club members to the regional level of CFUW and provide them with the opportunities to network with one another on issues specific to their Clubs
  2. To explain to Club members the connection between the local, regional, provincial, national and international levels, and how this connection is instrumental in successfully doing the work of CFUW
  3. To develop leadership potential and skills by
    1. providing training relevant to Club Executive members, both current and potential;
    2. providing a learning environment that will encourage Club members to consider assuming a position of responsibility at the local, Ontario Council, and National levels.
  4. To invite former Executive members at the Club, Ontario Council, and National levels to participate as resource people

For more information on holding a Regional Gathering, please contact your Regional Director or Ontario Council President.

Their contact information can be found here.

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