October 21, 2023 Speakers Series Report

October 21, 2023 Speakers Series Report

Women on the Move

The session was chaired by OC Legislation Chair, Niki Carlan. We heard from 3 women who have chosen to make Canada their country, and who have come from Ukraine, Nigeria and Iran. The speakers–Nataliya Kachor, Udoka Nwosu and Maryam Safarzadeh were asked the following questions:

  • Why did they choose to immigrate to Canada?
  • What were the benefits and struggles for their families (housing, communities, language, income) encountered in Canada?
  • How have they adjusted to working life in Canada? (Were they able to pursue their professions?)
  • What was the major source of support for their relocation?
  • Are they glad they made the move?
  • What could make their new lives easier? How can CFUW facilitate the transition for immigrant women?

In answer to the first question, why did they choose to immigrate to Canada, Nataliya, Udoka and Maryam all said that they chose Canada, in part, because it is a safe country and their children are happy here. Please read on for a synopsis of their individual stories. The session was recorded. Please contact communications@cfuwontcouncil.org if you would like to view the recording.

Nataliya Kachor came to Canada 15 years ago from Ukraine. She left her mother, a physician, and her father, a university professor, after just completing her internship as a family doctor. She forfeited the opportunity to get professional Canadian certification to raise her young Canadian son. Today she holds 2 jobs and works with recent Ukrainian newcomers escaping war in their homeland.

Udoka Nwosu came to Canada one year ago from her native Nigeria. She is pursuing a graduate degree in management at the University of Windsor, while raising her three boys. She describes herself as a entrepreneur and shared her experiences as a foreign student in Canada.

Maryam Safarzadeh came to Canada from Iran in 2020. She is a visual artist with 20 years experience as an artist and instructor. She earned a BA at the University of Tehran.  Since making Windsor home, she has been actively engaged in the arts community and has pursued a vital role in the social justice community. 

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