November 30, 2019 Speakers Series Reports

November 30, 2019 Speakers Series Reports

Brain Health & Aging, with Dr. Andrea Wilkinson

We chose the theme for today’s Speaker Series on Aging because the topic crosses all demographics—we are all aging!! In addition, younger members likely have aging relatives, so sharing knowledge might help provide tools to help support our relatives. Lastly, though the theme appears at first glance to target personal development, we can also use the knowledge about health to support our advocacy work targeting support for basic income for all people in our communities. 

Yoga for Empowered Aging, with Cheryl Crosby

Cheryl Crosby, registered Advanced Yoga Teacher and Holistic Nutritionist expanded our morning theme into a practical, easily accessed yoga and medication practice. The afternoon workshop began with a centering exercise and breathing practice while Cheryl explained the many benefits of yoga, which can be achieved by everyone at a variety of levels. Reinforcing our learning from the morning plenary session of the benefits of activity, Cheryl led the group through gentle seated and standing yoga sequences.

Third Age Learning, with Cathy Spark

We invited Cathy to speak to our afternoon workshop because the Third Age Network represents an exciting opportunity to explore a critical pillar in our quest to age well—the pillar representing learning and mental stimulation. We wanted members to be aware of this potential outlet for their own interests but also find new ideas for speakers, session formats, and potential new members for our CFUW clubs!

Co-housing, an affordable option, with Bonnie Mullen and Janette Ledwith

Following on our theme of Healthy Aging and addressing a component of our 2017 Resolution on Housing for All, our speakers addressed co-housing. Although not a new concept, co-housing is a model that we are increasingly seeing in young adults trying to get into the housing market as well as seniors exploring more affordable options of living. If social support and housing can work in synergy, this can greatly contribute to the well-being of the older adult population.

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