November 2022 Club News

November 2022 Club News

CFUW Belleville – Bringing a Refugee Family to Canada

Almost a year ago to the day an ex-CFUW Belleville member got a panicked phone from a friend of hers. This friend had come as a refugee from Afghanistan during the first Taliban regime and she was very worried about her brother and his family now that the Taliban had taken over again. There was no way she had the resources to sponsor her family.

And so, it started. The ex-CFUW member mentioned above had previously been a CBC journalist – and who better than a journalist to understand the importance of connections? She phoned a friend of hers in our Club and told her the story, who in turn told all our members. Six women, all but one of us members of CFUW Belleville, decided to take this on, along with a huge amount of support from our club.

Skip forward a year. We are happy to report that they have just been approved to come to Canada!  The last step is waiting to get flights, which could take weeks or months – you never know in this game! Read more

CFUW Peterborough – Open House

CFUW Peterborough members had an open house (and a great party!) on October 25th at Northminster Church hall. Guests and new members were invited to join and get to know each other. A presentation highlighted all the Peterborough CFUW activities. Marcia Armstrong, our National VP of membership joined to celebrate with us. All in all, a very enjoyable evening and a great success!

To see more photos, please click here!

CFUW Southport Addresses Loneliness with Caring Benches

Loneliness and isolation are at an all-time high across our country. The pandemic certainly added to this condition. Thanks to the brilliant idea of CFUW Southport member Pat, two Caring Benches have been installed in Saugeen Shores. One is located in Port Elgin, the other in Southampton.

As Pat says, “a bench is a bench is a bench…but a bench with two people sitting on it sharing thoughts and ideas is a ‘Caring Bench’. We want these benches to be worn thin from people sitting on them and having real conversations.  The benches are for everyone, young, old, rich, poor, happy, sad, lonely and not so lonely.   We have more things in common with one another than we will ever know, unless we take the time to chat”.   

The montage below captures the ribbon cutting ceremonies and special guest Forest Gump with his box of chocolates!

CFUW Southport Support for Democracy

In 2014, Southport’s resolution to support democracy was approved at the CFUW National’s Annual General Meeting:

“RESOLVED, That the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) and its member Clubs initiate, engage in and promote activities and programs to educate all Canadians about the importance of participating in our democratic system of government and to exercise our right and our responsibility to vote in all elections.”

In every election since then, Southport has encouraged residents to vote by reminding them of the struggle for voting rights by women, especially with our campaign, “Grandma asked me to vote!”. This communication campaign – with website backgrounders, business cards, media releases, social media content and our own Southport Suffragettes – reminded residents of the fight that women went through to receive the vote, and what is needed still to ensure democracy is strong in our country.

In September 2022, as we prepared for the Municipal Election, we discovered that a key event in this support was in jeopardy. The All-Candidates meeting was cancelled by our usual partners, the Chamber of Commerce. At an Executive meeting two days later, we decided to go it alone and the All-Candidates meeting was back on. By the following week, the candidates had agreed to join us and were thrilled that we had pushed through to make it happen. The local cable company agreed to livestream the event and the media promoted the event.

On October 8, Southport ‘Suffragettes’ braved the freezing temperatures, and the Lake Huron winds, to alert residents to the need to vote, and the right that was handed down from our Grandmothers.

On Wednesday, October 12, in a meeting open to the public, Southport hosted Daiene Vernile, former journalist and cabinet minister in Kathleen Wynn’s government (and now a Southport member) in a pre-election Membership meeting.

And on October 13, the All-Candidates Meeting turned out to be one of the most popular events of that kind ever held in Saugeen Shores. Over 160 residents came out to hear from the candidates and ask the questions that would help their voting process. The event was carried live by Eastlink, the local cable company and recorded as well by staff and students at Saugeen District Secondary School. Local media reported a very successful event HERE.

CFUW Welland & District Supporting Women Candidates

During the municipal elections last month, CFUW Welland & District provided a community information page on their website entitled Learn More About the Women Candidates. The Club sent a request for submission to each woman candidate running in the District, asking them to share a bit about who they are and what they stand for. The submissions were published on the Club’s website, and on the Club’s Facebook page.

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