March 2022 Club News

March 2022 Club News

CFUW Barrie Coldest Night of the Year

CFUW Barrie’s CNOY team–the Warmhearted Sisters–walked in support of Youth Haven in Barrie.

CFUW Barrie International Women’s Day

CFUW Barrie and District Advocacy and Membership Chairs, Anne and Carolyn, celebrate IWD with Teresa and the club’s newest member Christina! Christina met us through Carolyn and a local book club, then joined the Club on the spot! It really shows what growing the club’s public profile can do!

CFUW Etobicoke Celebrates its 70th Anniversary!

It was in March of 1952 that a group of 25 committed and dedicated women met for the first meeting of what was to become CFUW Etobicoke. Now in 2022 our club membership is more than ten times that original number. Times were different then: fewer women pursued post secondary education and universities were the only avenue to post secondary education; fewer women worked outside the home andmost families had at least 2 children; Etobicoke was not part of Toronto and there was no subway link into the city; the city did not have the rich diversity that is now so valued. What has stayed the same is the commitment of our members to advocacy, to the support of young women’s education through our Club’s Charitable Trust, to our support of local women’s shelters and other community organizations and to our own on-going lifelong learning with monthly speakers and more than 40 interest groups. Congratulations on the big 70!

CFUW Orillia Coldest Night of the Year Walkers are the Highest CFUW Team in Canada!

The CFUW Orillia Team knocked it out of the park this year for the Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY) event. They raised an astounding total of $26,624 for The Lighthouse. The Lighthouse has been serving Orillia’s homeless and vulnerable since 1992.

Once again the CFUW Orillia Walkers well surpassed their goals of the amount raised for The Lighthouse Centre. Thank you to the thoughtful, caring, and motivated team members and to the many people who donated to our team and contributed to this wonderful success. CFUW members showed strong financial support for our team and that is appreciated.

In her note of thanks to our team, Charlene Taylor, Lighthouse Board Director wrote, “The CFUW once again demonstrated their compassion for the vulnerable and their ability to work as a strong and motivated team to fundraise in support of CNOY!” With your help, the team placed 7th in fundraising all across Canada, first for CNOY Orillia and first in CFUW teams across our country.

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