Jan 22, 2021 – Ontario Health Coalition Press Conference

Jan 22, 2021 – Ontario Health Coalition Press Conference

Sandy Thomson  represented CFUW Ontario Council at this press conference with over 108 participants, regarding LTC.

The four key speakers were women who had or have relatives in LTC – a somber moment after each story.  The participants were varied. Natalie Mehra, OHC Executive Director announced the Canadian Federation of University Women Ontario Council as one of the participants.

Here are six top demands for the government from OHC:

  1. STAFFING: Need immediate recruitment – with the offer of better wages, benefits and working conditions
  2. Want the military deployed – though was unable to say if they (the military) had the capacity to do so
  3. Improvement and enforcement of infection control standards and practices; the issuance of fines
  4. LTC homes – residents, staff, personnel to be vaccinated immediately
  5. Calling for the resignation of Dr. M. Fullerton, Minister
  6. Calls to follow the Quebec Model of recruitment and hiring 10,000 orderlies (PSWs), train for three months and paid $21/hr and then placed in LTC homes at $26/hr; also hiring of managers with infection control expertise

In accordance with our policy, Sandy issued this statement:  

“With decades of little oversight in our long term care facilities, we are now faced with a severe crisis, heightened by the pandemic.  Further to A Better Place to Live, a Better Place to Work: Ontario’s Long-Term Care Staffing Plan, which is welcomed, we need current information on timelines regarding recruitment, training, staffing, and regulation requirements.”

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