January 2019 Ontario Council News

January 2019 Ontario Council News

CFUW Etobicoke

As part of our Centennial Celebration, members of CFUW Etobicoke and friends donated over 200 books for kids and mums to Women’s Habitat to be given to their clients and their children as Christmas presents.

The Little Sun Centennial Project: The Little Sun is a portable solar lamp provided to impoverished and displaced women and girls in Ethiopia as part of an emergency non-food dignity kit by the United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM).  The solar lamp provides economical and safe light, allowing a woman or girl to study at night, move safely in the dark, prepare meals or care for a family member in their shelter.

Working with the  IOM, we are able to provide the lamps at cost, approximately $10Cdn depending on the exchange rate with the Euro, with the IOM picking up the costs for shipping, transportation and distribution.

All donations go directly to the IOM for the purchase of Little Sun solar lamps from the Little Sun company located in Germany.  Donations can be made by e-Transfer to treasurer@cfuwetobicoke.ca,  Note  please set your security answer  to Ethiopia. Link https://www.cfuwetobicoke.ca/program-and-upcoming-events/100th-anniversary-projects/

CFUW Northumberland

A one-time $1000 bursary commemorating CFUW’s 100th Anniversary has been awarded to a female First Nations student at Trent University’s First Peoples’ House of Learning. She has been invited to the Club’s May Scholarship Fundraising Luncheon as a guest. Recently, the club partnered with the Northumberland Chamber of Commerce to receive travel discounts for members.

CFUW North Toronto

Members braved the -24 C weather to participate in the 2019 Toronto Women’s March on Saturday, March 20. L to R: Jeanette MacDonald, Martha Hackney, Helen Penfold, Helen LeDuc. Joan Gauthier also attended but is not in the picture.

CFUW Orillia

Renata and Jenny sold purple scarves for Green Haven Women’s Shelter and “Fearless Women 2019” Calendars for Couchiching Jubilee House (a transitional home for women) at the November CFUW Orillia meeting.
Mary and Karen from the Advocacy Group are also in the picture.

On December 6th, 6 CFUW Orillia members attended the Day of the Remembrance ceremony at OPP Headquarters. After a moving candle lighting ceremony where each of the 14 victims from l’Ecole Polytechnique was honoured, Liz Westcott of Green Haven Women’s Shelter named the 42 women and 3 children who were violently murdered in the past year in Ontario. This number is up from 38 last year.

The event closed with Glen Canning (pictured below), the father of Rehtaeh Parsons, speaking of his experience. You may remember Rehtaeh’s story. She was raped by four young men at a party in Nova Scotia. The action was recorded and posted on social media. Rehtaeh suffered cyber-abuse and victim blaming to the point that she took her own life in 2013.

Glen spoke about how he realized that he has been silent for too long. Like most people, we do not call a person out if they denigrate a person or gender. So he started to speak to groups including students. While in Ottawa a few years ago, Glen’s message resonated with a group of grade 12 boys. These young men started “Man Up Against Violence”. If you want to see more of what they are about, check out this link. Glen’s talk gave us hope.

CFUW Perth & District

CFUW Perth and District’s Environment Committee make beeswax cloths for friends and family (or their own use) as Christmas gifts.  These beeswax cloths replace the use of plastic wrap for covering and wrapping food for refrigerator storage.

The New Year brings renewed energy to CFUW Perth and District. 

  • Our Education Awards Committee is hard at work standardising parameters to ensure equitable evaluation of each candidate submitting an application and for the distribution of the monies available.  This work will provide standard operating procedures to benefit both applicants and committee members. 
  • The Executive continues to solicit the membership for ideas for centenary celebratory activities.  The newly organised McWilliams-Skinner Weekend Seminar Series (named in honour of two of CFUW’s founding members) is conducting its first seminar in February on Financial Literacy for Women as They Age.  Cyber security is next to be addressed in this seminar series and will be held in the next quarter. 
  • Our Social Justice Committee is partnering with Terrilee Kelford (Chair of Cornerstone Landing Youth Services, a member of the Lanark Children’s Planning Council and currently working to establish the National Working Group on Rural and Remote Homelessness with the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness) to lobby for municipal, provincial and national government action to end youth homelessness. 
  • Our Environment Committee has joined forces with Friends of the Tay Watershed and Biosphere Environmental Education to bring Anote’s Ark to the local high schools and to our public.  The effect of the world’s inaction to mitigate the impact of climate change on a South Pacific island nation is front and centre in this award winning Canadian-made documentary.  Members of this committee have also held workshops to make beeswax cloths to replace plastic wrap. 

CFUW Stratford

We partnered with the City of Stratford to develop and distribute a tip sheet to assist the organizers of big events to reduce waste. The club is promoting the information with groups in the city, and recently they worked as part of the “green team” putting their information into practice at an Alzheimer’s Society fundraiser, “Soup’s On”. CFUW Stratford is encouraging other clubs to use and share their work and help reduce the amount of refuse heading to our landfills. Click here to read the materials on the club website.

Eight CFUW Stratford members volunteered on the “Green Team” at a recent “Soup’s On” fundraiser for the Alzheimer Society of Perth County. Thanks to over 20 waste-sorting volunteers, the equivalent of 43 garbage bags were diverted from landfill to composting or recycling. Way to go Green Team!

UWC Toronto

We created the UWC (Toronto) Foundation and are awaiting CRA charitable status. Members have approved a plan to donate $30,000 for post-secondary scholarships in 2019. Our club had a hugely successful collection of clothing, household goods and gifts for Romero House at Christmas. 

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