What are the Issues?

Summer 2020

At the National CFUW AGM last summer, six resolutions were proposed by Ontario clubs, and subsequently adopted.


  • Long-Term Care under the Canada Health Act – 2020: CFUW Stratford & South Shore University Women’s Club (Montreal)
  • Long-Term Care: Protect the Vulnerable: CFUW Oakville


  • Climate Emergency – Declarations and Action Plans: CFUW Stratford


  • Achieving the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action: CFUW Stratford


  • Canada Health Act and National Standards for Medically Necessary Care Across Provinces And Territories: CFUW Markham-Unionville


  • Payday Loans: CFUW Ottawa

Winter 2019-2020

In a recent Advocacy survey done prior to COVID-19, Ontario Council clubs identified a number of concerns. Based on the survey results, Ontario Council submitted comments to the Ministry of Finance concerning the 2020 Budget. A summary of our concerns relative to the government’s questions: 1) the need for public consultations for a human services strategy while attempting to balance budgets 2) affordable quality child care 3) supports for caregivers, and 4) support for public education and full-day kindergarten among other issues.

The concerns identified in the survey were:

Health Care, Long Term Care, Home Care

CFUW Ontario Council supports the five principles  of Medicare – universal, accessible, comprehensive, portable and publicly administered, including Home Care services. Learn more about the new Ontario Health Teams, long term care in Ontario and home care in Ontario.

Climate Change

CFUW Ontario Council supports using all powers available including policy and program development, legislation and regulations, taxation mechanisms, legal enforcement, market incentives and inter-governmental agreements to deal with climate change. Learn more …

Poverty & Affordable Housing

CFUW Ontario Council supports measures that will relieve poverty, especially child poverty, including basic income program. Read more …

Affordable Housing & Homelessness

CFUW Ontario Council supports programs and actions that will guarantee more affordable housing as well as programs that  will alleviate homelessness. Read more …

Education & Schools

CFUW Ontario Council supports a high-quality public education system. Read more …

Early Learning & Child Care

CFUW Ontario Council supports early learning and child care that is accessible, affordable, comprehensive, emphasizing the development of the whole child. Learn more …

Gender-Based Violence

CFUW Ontario Council is concerned about and will support actions that stop gender-based violence of any type. Learn more …

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