What Are The Issues?

Current Ontario Council Actions

2023 Letters and Briefs

  • January 24 – Ontario Council sent a letter to Premier Doug Ford requesting that Bill 23 be rescinded

2022 Letters and Briefs

  • February 7 – 2022 Budget Brief focusing on the Caring Economy, specifically Education, Child Care and Elder Care
  • January 26 – Open letter from OCBCC and others; CFUW joins others in asking for a provincial plan to protect Ontario’s child care sector, and to protect young children.

2021 Letters and Briefs

  • November 25 – in conjunction with CFUW Kitchener-Waterloo, Oakville and Windsor, sent a submission to the Standing Commission on the Legislative Assembly concerning Bill 37, the Providing More Care, Protecting Seniors and Building More Beds Act.
  • October 25 – Letter to Hon. Rod Phillips, Minister of Long-Term Care asking about the new legislation, enforcement of the current one, and the future proclamation of the section concerning administrative penalties
  • October 25 – in conjunction with CFUW Kitchener-Waterloo, letter to MPP Kathleen Wynne concerning the loss of Private Member’s Bill 172 concerning FASD.
  • October 25 – Letter to Minister Lecce concerning the proposed federal-provincial Early Learning and Child Care Agreement
  • October 17 – Letter to Minister Lecce re access to menstrual supplies
  • May 2 – Spring 2021 survey, Long Term Care in Ontario sent to multiple ministers and critics.
  • April 12 – Ministry of Education’s proposed amendments to the Education Act, in particular the changes pertaining to online learning.
  • March 1 – MOE response to CCEYA consultation
  • February 10 – 2021 Budget Brief
  • January 15, 2021 – Ontario 2021-22 Education Funding Guide.


This Special Edition of the Annual Report – ADVOCACY ✮ AWARDS ✮ ACCOLADES – celebrated the action of the clubs from advocacy to community action to fundraising and friendly support. 

2020 Letters and Briefs

A number of letters were submitted to the Ontario Government in 2020.

  • November 30 – Conservation Authorities Act
  • November 24 – Long term care, annual unannounced inspections
  • November 19 – Review of the Child Care & Early Years Act
  • November 5 – Human Trafficking
  • October 1 – Payday Loans
  • September 20 – Long term care, More Than a Visitor Act
  • April 9 – Thank-You to First Line Essential Health Workers
  • April 6 – Support for University Students

Budget Briefs

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