What Are The Issues?


Ontario Election 2022

Ontario’s election is scheduled for June 2nd. Check out Ontario Council’s new Elections page  which contains information to help prepare you for both the provincial and municipal elections as a voter, supporter or for a Club, including the Ontario Election Toolkit Part 1, Preparing for the Ontario Election 2022, and Part 2, Our Issues of Concern.

  • Click here for the Elections page
  • Click here for the Election Toolkit Part 1, Preparing for the Ontario Election 2022
  • Click here for the Election Toolkit Part 2, Our Issues of Concern

Election Issues That Concern Us

Municipal Election 2022

Municipal Elections will be held Oct. 24, 2022.  For information about the elections, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario has a full page with information on who can vote, who can run, and how local government works in Ontario.

Go to the OC Elections page for more information concerning municipalities, their elections, and running for municipal office.

Current Ontario Council Actions

2022 Letters and Briefs

  • February 7 – 2022 Budget Brief focusing on the Caring Economy, specifically Education, Child Care and Elder Care
  • January 26 – Open letter from OCBCC and others; CFUW joins others in asking for a provincial plan to protect Ontario’s child care sector, and to protect young children.

2021 Letters and Briefs

  • November 25 – in conjunction with CFUW Kitchener-Waterloo, Oakville and Windsor, sent a submission to the Standing Commission on the Legislative Assembly concerning Bill 37, the Providing More Care, Protecting Seniors and Building More Beds Act.
  • October 25 – Letter to Hon. Rod Phillips, Minister of Long-Term Care asking about the new legislation, enforcement of the current one, and the future proclamation of the section concerning administrative penalties
  • October 25 – in conjunction with CFUW Kitchener-Waterloo, letter to MPP Kathleen Wynne concerning the loss of Private Member’s Bill 172 concerning FASD.
  • October 25 – Letter to Minister Lecce concerning the proposed federal-provincial Early Learning and Child Care Agreement
  • October 17 – Letter to Minister Lecce re access to menstrual supplies
  • May 2 – Spring 2021 survey, Long Term Care in Ontario sent to multiple ministers and critics.
  • April 12 – Ministry of Education’s proposed amendments to the Education Act, in particular the changes pertaining to online learning.
  • March 1 – MOE response to CCEYA consultation
  • February 10 – 2021 Budget Brief
  • January 15, 2021 – Ontario 2021-22 Education Funding Guide.


This Special Edition of the Annual Report – ADVOCACY ✮ AWARDS ✮ ACCOLADES – celebrated the action of the clubs from advocacy to community action to fundraising and friendly support. 

2020 Letters and Briefs

A number of letters were submitted to the Ontario Government in 2020.

  • November 30 – Conservation Authorities Act
  • November 24 – Long term care, annual unannounced inspections
  • November 19 – Review of the Child Care & Early Years Act
  • November 5 – Human Trafficking
  • October 1 – Payday Loans
  • September 20 – Long term care, More Than a Visitor Act
  • April 9 – Thank-You to First Line Essential Health Workers
  • April 6 – Support for University Students

Budget Briefs

To view Budget Briefs select Budget Briefs from the Select Category drop-down list on the right-hand side of the page.

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