Ontario Elections 2022

Ontario’s election is scheduled for June 2nd. Check out Ontario Council’s Election Toolkit. Part 1 contains information to help prepare you for the election as a voter, supporter or for a Club. Part 2 contains information about issues of concern.

  • Click here to view/download Election Toolkit – Part 1 in PDF
  • Click here to view/download Part 1 printer-friendly version in WORD
  • Click here to view Election Toolkit – Part 2
  • Click here to view Part 2 printer-friendly version in WORD
  • Click here to find the Election Toolkit information graphics to be used for club newsletters and social media (DropBox folder)

Issues That Concern Us

Municipal Election 2022

Municipal Elections will be held Oct. 24, 2022.  For information about the elections, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario has a full page with information on who can vote, who can run, how local government works in Ontario:

  • Who can vote in elections?
  • Who can be a candidate?
  • Election Calendar
  • Resources
  • Lead Where You Live: A guide on running for municipal council
  • We all Win: Diversity on Council
  • How Local Government Works in Ontario

Running for Municipal Office

To check female representation in local councils, check out your community in the 2020 survey done by the Toronto Star. They studied 441 municipalities. If you’re thinking of running:

Resources (thanks to CFUW Headwaters)

All-Candidates Meetings

Guidelines for running all-candidates meetings, including on ZOOM, thanks to:

Which Level of Government is Responsible for What?

With elections coming up it’s important to know which level of government is responsible for what:

  • Our three levels of government have very different responsibilities and each is indebted to the other either for its existence or for its service to its community. This document gives a short list of who does what.
  • The role of the municipal government is actually the most important one for our daily living, yet it is the one that we most often ignore.

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