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On April 12, 2021 Ontario Council sent a letter to the Honourable Stephen Lecce regarding the Ministry of Education’s proposed amendments to The Education Act, in particular the proposed changes pertaining to online learning. Read the letter

On January 15, 2021 Ontario Council submitted their response to the Ontario 2021-22 Education Funding Guide. The response included comments to 3 questions pertaining to the COVID-19 outbreak response, adjustments to online learning, and use of outdated census data to support students with special needs. Read the submission in its entirety …

Check out this child care article from The Star: A national child-care program would be a boon to Canada’s post-COVID recovery–none more so than Ontario’s.

On November 16th, Ontario Council submitted comments to the Ministry of Education regarding the 2020 review of the Child Care and Early Learning Years Act, 2014. Read more

Committee Reports


Topic: Mental Health – From Prevention to Wellness

The guest speaker representing Education was Kendra Fisher.  Kendra very boldly told her life story of dealing with crippling mental health, including severe anxiety and depresssion.

Kendra Fisher, a native of Kincardine Ontario was living the life of dreams.  As a star goalie, she was recruited by the Canadian National team.  With the support of her family and community she was set to fly off to Calgary to live out her dream and life ambitions.  She was aware that something was not right as she had been struggling with anxiety for the past year. Upon accepting the position  she was overcome with crippling anxiety and did not know if she was cable of attending the training programs.  Her father sensing her anxiety, flew to Calgary ahead of her to help her transition into the training. Upon arriving in Calgary she was overcome with severy anxiety, and decided to withdraw.  The Canadian National Team stood behind her and offered to get her the best treatment they could provide. Read more


Topic – Covid’s Impact on Women from a Child Care Lens

The Economic Impact on Women

Carolyn Ferns, Executive Director of the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care discussed the basics of child care in Ontario, not enough spaces, plus the unaffordability of regulated child care for most families.

The highlighted points from Carolyn’s presentation are:

  • The Covid pandemic has impacted working mothers, who are overwhelmed with feeling they are facing this crisis alone. Since the start of the recovery mode, employment of women with pre-school children have recovered at less than half the pace of men with pre-school children. Read more …


Michele Harding of Care Watch was the guest speaker representing Education. Since 1998, Care Watch, has been a strong advocate for quality Home Care and Community Care.  Care Watch is a non-profit, volunteer run and senior led organization.

Michele’s focus has been community planning, social policy, and legislation. Read more …

Terms of Reference

The mandate of the OC Education Standing Committee is to be a forum for Ontario Council members involved with advocacy issues related to education in Ontario. This committee, together with the Advocacy Committee, is responsible for the development and communication of CFUW Ontario Council education related policies … read more.

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