December 2019 Ontario Council Club News

December 2019 Ontario Council Club News

CFUW Barrie and District

In October, CFUW Barrie and District held an open meeting on Human Trafficking Awareness at the City Hall Rotunda, with over 60 people in attendance.  Kelly Franklin was our guest speaker.  She is the Executive  Director for Farmtown Canada and the Founder of Courage for Freedom.   Her talk was very well received and the facts she gave really made people aware. Our club was very pleased with the attendance.

As a follow-up CFUW Barrie and District is looking into the judiciary system and how it handles sentencing for people charged with human trafficking. Right now it appears that minimum sentences are given for perpetrators of this crime and charges are not stacked but combined.  It is felt that judges are not well educated on what the implications of human trafficking are for victims. When we have done some background research we hope to start a letter-writing campaign to suggest changes to the judiciary system which would make the sentencing better fit the crime.

CFUW Southport: December 6th, National Day of Action Against Gender-based Violence

30 years ago, 14 women were killed at L’école polytechnique  just because they were women. Their dreams and their families’ dreams were destroyed because one man decided he had the right to end them.

CFUW Southport began that same year and the next year inaugurated an annual Vigil to remember these women and all women living with violence.

The Saugeen Shores community supports this initiative in a number of ways – attendance the vigil of course and co-promotion by displaying posters designed by local secondary school students in businesses and stores. Local media outlets promote the event to their readers and listeners. Municipal Council receives Southport’s deputation with respect. The local choir  – The Chantry Singers – joins us. This year a representatives from The Women’s House of Bruce and Grey, Michelle Lamont and one from Victim Services , Heather Hodgson Schliech joined us to share the staggering statistics that continue to haunt all women.

The media reports following the Vigil were especially  jarring as photo after photo showed the line of community members sharing the photos of the young engineering students.  We want to thank the Saugeen Times, the Saugeen Shores Hub, the Shoreline Beacon (who put us on the front page!), 98 The Beach and 93 Country.

The community also donated close to $600 to be split three ways for three local Women’s Shelters.

Southport will continue to remember the women we lost 30 years ago. But it would be so wonderful if we were able to do it from within a society where women are not only equals but respected and protected from random and targeted violence.

The media who supported the initiatives include (please click links to view photos and read articles).

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