Club Recognition Awards

Announcing the Carolyn Day Award for Environmental Action

As part of the this year’s Ontario Council Recognition Awards, we are honouring the tremendous work done by Carolyn Day concerning the environment and water issues here in Ontario with an award to celebrate the work done by clubs concerning the environment.

Carolyn Day, a Past-President of Ontario Council, 1998-2000, was the Environment and Water Policy Advisor from 2000 until her death in 2018. What started as a concern about Walkerton turned into a passion and a knowledge base. During her time, she wrote more than 40 briefs and letters, attended many meetings on our behalf and was even called by the government on some occasions. This award is created in her honour. 

Tell us about a project of importance to your club during 2018-2019. It can be in education, lifelong learning, charitable fundraising, scholarships, advocacy, community action and involvement, fellowship and support. 

2018-2019 Awards will be presented at the Ontario Council Annual General Meeting

Advocacy Award Booklets from 2003-2004 through 2017-2018 are archived in DropBox and can be viewed or downloaded  HERE.