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Human Trafficking, Dec 6, 2019

A letter was sent to the Hon. Jill Dunlop, Women’s Issues, to thank her for meeting with CFUW Orillia. The letter also thanked her for her work, and challenged her to do more on human trafficking.  The study #CallItFemicide had just been released. Minister Dunlop responded in January.

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Support for University Students, April 6 2020

A letter was sent to Premier Doug Ford on behalf of the CFUW Charitable Trust, requesting more support for universities and university students.

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Letter of thanks to first line essential health workers, April 9 2020

A letter of thanks was sent to the Premier, Deputy Premier, provincial Medical Officers of Health, and four provincial medical associations, acknowledging that as a women’s organization, we are cognizant of and thankful for the hundreds of women in both medical and elsewhere engaged in essential work.

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