April 2020 Ontario Council Club News

April 2020 Ontario Council Club News

CFUW Aurora/Newmarket

CFUW Aurora/ Newmarket enjoyed a wonderful year up until the pandemic changed our plans. We managed to host International Women’s day on March 6th in advance of COVID19 and any evidence of community spread in York Region. Our speaker Margot Denomme focused her presentation on how we can help build a more equal and inclusive world when we raise our girls with the knowledge that beauty and strength comes from within.

(photo of President Lynn Bird, with Margot Denomme and her daughter Brooke)

At our IWD, the Photography Interest Group launched their initiative of selling their photographs on greeting cards with all proceeds going to help fund our scholarship program. On that one morning they made over $400. Sales are ongoing.

(photo of Donna Unwin at IWD selling photo cards)

What our club has done to support our members during the pandemic include setting up a group of 14 members with a list of members to call and check in with. It was very well received by both the callers and the recipients. New friendships have been made. Our PR Chair set up a Private Facebook group for members to share their photos. Over 30 members have joined so far. The photo sharing of gardens and vacation adventures have been uplifting. Our Board members have agreed to continue on in their positions until our postponed AGM can happen, face to face.

CFUW Guelph – Celebrating Women

Following a year of celebration CFUW Guelph in collaboration with the Community Engaged Scholarship (CESI) at the University of Guelph, Zonta and Women in Crisis decided to continue this celebration for International Women’s Day. Students under the guidance of CESI researched significant policy achievements, political events and political groups impacting women’s rights in Canada over the last 100 years. This research is summarized in 14 posters, titled “Celebrating Women”. The posters will be displayed around the community, on various websites and at other gatherings. You can find the links to share/download/use in newsletters on the CESI website here: https://www.cesinstitute.ca/international-womens-day-2020-posters.

CFUW Oshawa & District – ZOOMing Right Along!

During this social distancing time, CFUW Oshawa and District has been “Zooming” right along. We started our Videoconferencing, by encouraging our Executive to become comfortable with this method of communication. Eventually, we managed to complete our March Executive meeting on Zoom.us. Our next goal, is to have an online videoconference for our April 22, 2020 General Meeting. It is interesting to see how happy members are when they manage to use the technology and can conference with other members.

Donna Henderson Co-President, CFUW Oshawa and District

CFUW Perth & COVID-19

All of us are impacted by Covid-19; if we can, we want to help in some meaningful way. In the last few weeks, Susan Roach of CFUW Perth has been actively trying to find out how we, as a Club, can do that. In particular, she wanted to provide protective gear for those essential services workers who are providing the services we need to survive. Initially thought to not be necessary, the current guidance is that face masks for everyone, particularly in a hospital setting, can help slow the spread of the virus. Working with a local physician, Susan has now been successful in sourcing hospital grade material and a sewing pattern. These masks will be used for patients in order to free up the N95 masks for nurses, doctors and all other front-line staff. These are coming in from Dr. Stephanie Popeil, who is very enthusiastic about our potential contribution. Five people will each be sewing 36 masks which will be donated to the local hospital.

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