Ontario Council Policy & Resolutions

The CFUW Ontario Council Resolution Process

CFUW Ontario Council Policy

(incorporates resolutions as passed by Ontario Council, CFUW, and GWI)

These resolutions have been researched and proposed by CFUW Clubs, Provincial or National Boards and/or National Federations.  They are studied by the Clubs, voted on at Club level, amended where necessary, and subsequently approved through a democratic process, at either the Ontario Annual General Meeting in May or the CFUW Annual General Meeting.

Resolutions of the Graduate Women International (GWI) are studied and proposed by a National Federation or Association and voted on by delegates from the National Federations and Associations worldwide.

Each year, Clubs are encouraged to identify, research and present a resolution, if a particular issue is not covered by current Policy. National issues are presented at the National CFUW AGM; those specific to Ontario are presented at the CFUW Ontario Council AGM.