Early Learning and Child Care

About the Issue

In 2009, Dr. Charles Pascal released With Our Best Future in Mind, with recommendations for a more integrated early learning and child care system, including full day kindergarten. In 2015, the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 (CCEYA) came into effect, replacing 70 year old legislation. CCEYA strengthened compliance with programming through play based learning, and regulated health and safety in early years settings.

Letters and Actions

May 5, 2017: Ontario Council sent a letter to Indira Naidoo-Harris, MPP Halton, Minister of the Status of Women, Ministry Responsible for Early Years & Child Care/Ministry for the Status of Women, to recognize the creation of 24,000 new child care spaces. Read the letter>>

March 25, 2017: Shannon Fuller, acting Assistant Deputy Minister in the Early Years Division at the Ministry of Education presented the plenary address at the March 2017 Standing Committee meeting. A copy of her presentation “Renewing and Expanding Ontario’s Early Years Systemcan be found here>>

January 31, 2017: CFUW Ontario Council sent a submission concerning the Early Years and Child Care consultation. In summary, “a high-quality early years and child care system is all about well-trained, well paid, compassionate and caring staff who are engaged with children and families. Appropriate staffing is combined with an early learning program based on sound pedagogy and funded through a cost-sharing similar to health. Programs are to be provided by a not-for-profit service provider within a safe environment, structured by evidence-based practice and appropriate regulations”. Read the full submission here>>

August 8, 2016: CFUW Ontario Council sent an email to Mitzie Hunter, MPP Scarborough-Guildwood, Minister of Education, acknowledging the new regulation concerning wait lists for child care centres. Read the letter>>

Ontario Council has been actively working on this issue for many years. Archived reports and correspondence can be accessed here>>

What can clubs do?

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