CFUW has always encouraged its members to bring about change, especially in those areas affecting women:  care & caring, long term care, early learning and child care, education, economic prosperity, the environment, violence against women and the empowerment of women as leaders and decision-makers.”

CFUW Ontario Council’s Advocacy Team

  • CFUW OC President: Teresa Habs
  • Advocacy Standing Committee Chair: Sandra Shaw
  • Education Standing Committee Chair: Judith Pownall
  • Legislation Standing Committee Chair: Niki Carlan
  • Status of Women & Human Rights Standing Committee Chair: Helen Robb
  • Policy Advisors:
    • Margaret McGovern – Early Learning & Child Care
    • Sheila Lacroix – Housing
    • TBA – Environment
    • Myrtle Greve – Poverty

CFUW Ontario Council Advocacy Guidelines 2020-2022

WHEN WRITING OR SPEAKING “ON BEHALF OF CFUW” and asking for some action, this must be based on CFUW and Ontario Council public policy as found in the Ontario Council and CFUW Policy Books; sent to your local MPPs/MPs/local authorities; signed by the President or her designate.

For more detail, click on the link above for CFUW Ontario Council Advocacy Guidelines.

CFUW Who Does What clarifies this more.

Information on Issues

Current CFUW Ontario Council Advocacy Actions 

Advocacy tools and resources.

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