The 2023 OC Membership Challenge

The OC Membership Challenge is back! Your Club could win $300 for Recruitment or $300 for Retention. It’s simple to enter. You just need to answer 5 questions for recruitment and/or 5 questions for retention, in 250 words or less for each category. The 5 questions are:

For recruitment of new members:

  • What was your single most effective strategy?
  • How did it work?
  • How did you measure your success?
  • What would you do differently?
  • Have you tried this before?

For retention of new, recent and long-term members?

  • What is your primary strategy?
  • How did you measure your success?
  • What are the results of engaging new members?
  • Would you do anything differently?
  • Why is it successful?

Download the Membership Challenge brochure and follow the instructions to submit your Club’s application! Applications must be submitted on or before April 15, 2023.

The 2022 winners were:

Recruitment: CFUW Peterborough – recruited new members by organizing several outdoor activities at various local venues (holiday planter workshop at a local greenhouse, meet and greet, visit to an outdoor gallery), invited guests to each, and showed them what the club is and does to gain their interest before asking them to join.

Retention: CFUW Cornwall – Regular communication and celebration and recognition of members and their stories via phone calls, social media shares and posts, newsletters and virtual activities were the keys to Cornwall’s success.

Please click here to learn about all of the recruitment and retention strategies that were submitted in 2022.

CFUW Membership

Join a Club near where you live or work. Local Clubs offer their members opportunities to meet regularly to socialize, to learn and to contribute to their community.

Join a CFUW club as a:

Full Member

  • Any woman who supports the goals of CFUW is welcome to join.
  • CFUW member Clubs can be found in cities and towns across Ontario. Check to see if there is a Club in your area and contact them to become a member List of Clubs

Student Member

  • Women who are residents of Canada and students at a post-secondary institution.
  • A student member is entitled to all privileges and responsibilities of being a full CFUW member but pays only fifty percent of club dues.
  • Students can also become members-at-large


  • Women who support the goals of CFUW but do not live near a local CFUW Club can become an E-Member

Applications to become an E-member can be found on the National CFUW website

Membership Fees

Fees vary from club to club, depending on activities, venue, etc. Clubs pay a portion of their fees to CFUW National to cover the important work that is done on behalf of clubs across the country. In addition, $6.25 is paid to CFUW Ontario Council on behalf of each member.

Corporate Membership in Ontario Council

CFUW Ontario Council corporate membership is open to Ontario non-partisan clubs, who have at least 10 individual members, and who are interested in furthering the purposes and objectives of CFUW Ontario Council. Click the link for the OC Corporate Membership Application.

Corporate Affiliation with Ontario Council

Affiliation with CFUW Ontario Council is open to individual or non-partisan organizations who are aligned with the purposes and objectives of CFUW Ontario Council. Click the link for the OC Corporate Affiliation Application.

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