Submission Deadlines & Publication Dates

The purposes of the Ontario Council News are to share information from other clubs in advance of events and activities, so that members from other clubs can join in, and to offer inspiration to clubs who may be looking for ideas for their own clubs to make a difference in their communities or to build membership. 

Please send posters for special club events (not regular meetings or club AGMs), write-ups of club activities that were open to the public (with photos) to the Newsletter Editor as soon as they are ready, but at the latest, before the submission deadlines below.

  • Club events will be added to the Calendar of Events with links in the Ontario Council News.
  • Write-ups of special club events and activities that were open to the public will be added to the website under Club Actions and Events with short descriptions and photo in the Newsletter.
Submission Deadlines Publication Dates Topics
Jan 15, 2019 for news
Jan 23, 2019 for reports on CFUW club participation in Women’s March
Jan 31, 2019 January club news
Women’s March March
March Meeting Announcement
  Feb 15, 2019 Speakers Series Registration Reminder
Mar 21, 2019 Apr 1, 2019 Post meeting Report

 Mar 30, 2019 Notice of AGM
Apr ?, 2019   Pre AGM
May 1, 2019 AGM Registration Reminder