Legislation Standing Committee

Chair: Sheila Lacroix

Members of the Legislation Committee monitor current provincial legislation and meet to identify, discuss and learn about current issues. Skills are also gained in how to influence public policy. Between meetings, members are active following through with activities in their home Clubs. This may involve urging their Club to inform local MPPs of CFUW policy, assisting individual members to take action, or collecting information on issues that affect their community.

Committee Reports

March 25, 2017

Topic: Act Locally. Advocating at the Municipal Level.
Speaker: Toronto City Councillor Janet Davis

Our afternoon guest was Toronto City Councillor Janet Davis, Beaches – East York, a mixed-income ward with challenges common within many municipalities. A councillor since 2003, Janet is known as a strong supporter of city services that promote healthy, safe communities, including child care services. Prior to her career as Councillor, Janet was instrumental in developing child care at the Toronto District School Board. Her expertise and background in Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) enabled us to build on the theme of the morning guest speaker, Shannon Fuller, Assistant Deputy Minister, Early Years Division, Ministry of Education.

Councillor Davis provided:

  • an overview of the complexities and disadvantages of Canada’s existing funding system;
  • current challenges in providing social services, in particular, ELCC, at the municipal level; and
  • insight into the workings of municipal politics. Read the full report >>
January 21, 2017

Closing the Gender Wage Gap

Speaker: Jan Borowy, Equal Pay Coalition and  Doris Mae Oulton, Past President, CFUW for Linda Davis, Ontario Government’s Gender Wage Gap Strategy Steering Committee

Closing the Gender Wage Gap (GWG) was selected as the theme to kick start our journey of learning and advocacy for 2017. The gap remains high, at approximately 30 %. Equal Pay Day this year is April 19, symbolizing how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned last year. What drives this gap? What can be done?

Setting the Stage
This write-up will only include highlights selected to inform and guide our work. Our speakers offered helpful information and advice. It is recommended that you check the CFUW Ontario Council website to consult the resources provided on this topic, including speaker presentations plus the handout Gender Wage Gap in Ontario Backgrounder that lists the recommendations of both the Gender Wage Gap (GWG) Strategy Steering Committee and the Equal Pay Coalition (EPC).

See: http://www.cfuwontcouncil.ca/Issues/Issues-Gender-Wage-Gap.html

September 24, 2016

Topic: Legislation and Policy 101
Facilitators:  Sheila Lacroix, Chair, Legislation Committee and Teri Shaw, Chair, Advocacy

In the first section, How to Find What you Need, Sheila concentrated on the basics of the legislative process: how parliaments work; how to find legislation, both Ontario, and Federal; how to track the life of a bill; the importance of knowing and understanding human rights legislation. Throughout the process, points where advocacy is most effective, such as the committee stage when submissions are often requested, were highlighted.

In the second section, How to Use What you Find, Teri spoke of using this information for CFUW clubs and individual members, as well as individuals.

Her main emphasis built upon the first section, whenever doing any advocacy work, either for the organization or for yourself think of the questions What? Why? Who? When? Where? and How? Read the full report >>


Reports from previous years have been archived in DropBox. Clicking on the link will open a new tab to the Legislation Folder, where all reports can be viewed or downloaded. Access Archived Reports >>